How to dry your nail polish in 3 minutes!

Life with cass how to dry your nail polish in 3 minutes

There’s something about having beautifully painted nails that somehow makes me feel like my life is a little bit more put together.

I love trying new nail polishes and trying out different designs, but often I wouldn’t paint them at all for fear of not having time for the nail polish to dry. But, there is hope for us ladies who can’t sit still while our nails dry! I’m going to show you my trick to getting nail polish to dry quickly .

The dilemma:

So, I get really inspired to paint my nails and I tediously paint them stroke by stroke. They look beautiful and I’m contemplating how I will Instagram them! I get so happy and proud of myself for how hard I worked to paint them. But, ten minutes later I am absolutely horrified when I accidentally brush my hand against my shirt and all of my hard work is destroyed!

Sound familiar? 

The solution:

I have tried a lot of different ways to dry my nails, from putting my hands in torturous ice water to spraying cooking spray all over my nails. It wasn’t until I found a certain combination of products that I actually had success in drying my nails quickly!
Sally Hanson Insta dry and Essie nail drying oil

The power combo:

Since I have discovered Sally Hanson Insta-Dri I haven’t used any other top coat. It is incredibly fast drying, and helps your nail polish stay beautiful for so much longer than without it. 

I then discovered this Essie drying oil when they first came out with it and were doing a discounted promotion. This is my second bottle of this stuff, and I looove it. It speeds along the drying process so much, and also leaves your cuticles moisturized! It’s a win-win. 

Why these work:

The Insta-Dri is good alone, as is the Essie oil, but together they do an amazing job of drying your nails quickly. I won’t say that your nails are 100% dent prove in three minutes, but if you use the top coat and then the oil, accidentally brushing against your shirt isn’t a big deal.

These two products do an amazing job at drying the top layer of your nail polish within the first three minutes, which gives the inner layers of nail polish more time to dry. And you can use the bathroom without fear of ruining your manicure! (Anyone else always seem to have to use the bathroom right after you paint your nails??)

Dry your nail polish in 3 minutes

I hope this gives you hope when painting your nails! For me, knowing that my nail polish will dry quickly gives me 100% more motivation to actually paint them! 

Let me know in the comments if you have any holy grail nail products I need to know about!

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