Healthy and Energizing Green Smoothie

The green smoothie. The two biggest questions that seem to pop up are “Is it really healthy?” and “Will it taste like grass?” Healthy and energizing green smoothie


The green smoothie has become very trendy to repin on Pinterest (I am guilty of which, follow me!) and post on your Instagram. It looks cool and trendy, but I’m sure you’re wondering if there are actually health benefits to it! Let’s do a run down of the ingredients in my green smoothie recipe:Read More

Healthy Hot Chocolate

Healthy hot chocolate (dairy free)       

 I know what you’re thinking, “Hot chocolate with no dairy?? There is no way that can be good.”

But alas, friends, I have successfully created that dairy-free hot chocolate that pleased my dairy/sugar loving taste buds. This absolutely matches up to the thick and sweet texture and taste of milk based hot chocolate!

Along with no dairy in the recipe, there is minimal to zero refined sugar! How

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3 Ingredient Chai Latte

3 Ingredient Chai Latte

There is not a whole lot more I love than a great chai latte. Lately I was looking at organic teas in the grocery store and I came across this amazing coconut chai. I was immediately sold by the pretty packaging, and to my delight it tastes great too!

Coconut chai tea

This chai tea is very good on its own, but is even better when you take it up a notch to chai latte level with some milk and sweetener. And the best news of all?? It’s vegan friendly with no refined sugars! 

So, the 3 ingredients are??Read More