DIY Conditioning Hair Rinse

I use a $1 squirt bottle from Walmart to store my hair rinse. I believe it's for condiments, but it works great for putting the rinse on my hair. Here's what you need: Apple Cider Vinegar Essential oils of your choice (I use lavender and rosemary) Water

In one of my last posts Should You Stop Using Shampoo I discussed my “no poo” experience and my current hair routine. As promised I’m going to show you how I make my easy hair rinse that I use in place of conditioner. (Check out my full hair routine in the post)

This hair rinse only has 3 ingredients and is all natural! Departing from using conditioner can seem scary, but I’ve been using this hair rinse for over 4 months now, and I love it! It tames the frizz and leaves my hair shiny and soft! Plus this stuff costs next to nothing , so you’ll be saving a ton of money (yay!). Read More

DIY Linen Spray with Essential Oils

I am a huge fan of essential oils and I love keeping my room fresh with a linen spray.

I’m going to show you a seriously easy way to make a great linen spray that will freshen your bed, linens, and curtains, and even just be used as a general air freshener. It has zero chemicals that most air fresheners contain, and only 3 ingredients

DIY Linen SprayRead More