DIY Exfoliating Spring Foot Scrub

Diy spring foot scrub - Life With Cass

Spring has sprung in Tennessee! The flowers are blooming and the sandals are coming out. I’ll be honest, I wore sandals the other day and my feet looked pretty sad- they had been cooped up in boots all winter and were in need of some TLC! 

Inspired by the beautiful and blooming springtime, I made this super easy foot scrub to slough away that dead winter skin (so gross). The sugar and oatmeal gently exfoliate your feet and the oil leaves them soft and moisturized. After a long winter it’s so important to shed that layer of dead skin!

This beautiful scrub is so simple to make, smells amazing, and leaves your feet exfoliated and ready for spring! Read More

DIY Conditioning Hair Rinse

I use a $1 squirt bottle from Walmart to store my hair rinse. I believe it's for condiments, but it works great for putting the rinse on my hair. Here's what you need: Apple Cider Vinegar Essential oils of your choice (I use lavender and rosemary) Water

In one of my last posts Should You Stop Using Shampoo I discussed my “no poo” experience and my current hair routine. As promised I’m going to show you how I make my easy hair rinse that I use in place of conditioner. (Check out my full hair routine in the post)

This hair rinse only has 3 ingredients and is all natural! Departing from using conditioner can seem scary, but I’ve been using this hair rinse for over 4 months now, and I love it! It tames the frizz and leaves my hair shiny and soft! Plus this stuff costs next to nothing , so you’ll be saving a ton of money (yay!). Read More

Should You Stop Using Shampoo? My “no poo” experience

Should you stop using shampoo? Life With Cass

For a while there, going “no poo” (or cutting out shampoo) seemed all the rage on the internet, especially on Pinterest. It really intrigued me, so I thought I would try it out for a while, especially since I was beginning to switch to using more all natural products. 

I know there are quite a few blog posts about “no poo” experiences, but I thought I would share mine with you, since everyone’s experience is different.Read More

How to dry your nail polish in 3 minutes!

Life with cass how to dry your nail polish in 3 minutes

There’s something about having beautifully painted nails that somehow makes me feel like my life is a little bit more put together.

I love trying new nail polishes and trying out different designs, but often I wouldn’t paint them at all for fear of not having time for the nail polish to dry. But, there is hope for us ladies who can’t sit still while our nails dry! I’m going to show you my trick to getting nail polish to dry quickly .Read More