5 Ways To Style a White Button Down

The white button down is such a classic piece that can truly be dressed up or down. You can wear it on a night out and to work the next morning! (Yay for easy wardrobe planning!)

5 Ways to style a white button down collage

I recently came across an awesome white button down at Essex. It is target brand and I got it for only $7 since it was a few months old! I love it because it is long-line (the leggings are calling) and has two beautiful pockets on the front. 

I’m going to show you my 5 favorite ways to style this classic white button down!

1.) Keep it simple and classy with a pair of dark wash skinnies

It doesn’t get more classy or simple than a white shirt and dark wash jeans. I paired this outfit with my favorite silver bar necklace and cheetah print flats. 

White button down and jeans

2.) Pair with a sweater and leggings for a comfy but cute outfit

A perfect way to have the comfort of leggings with the class of a button down shirt. 

White button down with cardican and leggings

3.) Dress it up with a skirt

I got my new favorite button down skirt from Asos and it pairs perfectly with this shirt. I also paired my tan loafers with this outfit for a cute and classy look. 

White button down and skirt

4.) Make it casual with light wash jeans and Nikes

It doesn’t get more comfy than your favorite jeans and nikes. Be casual but still put together with this easy outfit. 

White button down with light wash jeans and nikes

5.) Stand out with a pair of printed pants

Feeling adventurous? Spice things up with that pair of printed pants that you never know how to pair. I styled my slip on patent leather flats with this outfit. 

White button down with printed pants


I hope these ideas gave you some wardrobe inspiration! 

Let me know how you style a white button down, and tag me on Instagram! @Cassidylaulo



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  2. Fabulous shimmery Californian poppies, Darnell! And the Just a Note card is understated elegance.Congrats on the Honourable Mention at CASology. In fact, all your posts/cards deserve Honourable Mentions!

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  5. I agree with the previous poster, both the pics and the wrting are equally well done. Surprised that this did not make “Freshly Pressed” sooner. Still Congrads on a well deserved award.

  6. michale, tvůj post mě silně připomíná povídku Jaroslava Haška Smutný osud vynálezce, kdy byl podobným způsobem inzerován břišní pás proti vrozenému kretenismu, zděděnému idiotismu a náhlému zblbnutí, přivoděného nezřízeným životem. Má jiné právo offline podobné účinky :-)?

  7. I love how inviting they are – with a promise of things to come! Gorgeous photos and such a wonderful glimpse into Puglia – my trip to Italy ( one day!) is expanding daily! Thank you F x

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