5 Uses For Lavender Essential Oil

5 uses for lavender essential oil- Life with cass

For the last few months I have been absolutely loving Lavender essential oil. It is so versatile and one of my absolute favorite scents. I wanted to compile some of my favorite ways to use Lavender oil! 

1.) Add lavender to your night time moisturizer:

In the last month I have started putting lavender oil in my moisturizer at night.

I wash my face well, completely remove my makeup, then mix one drop of lavender oil with 1 pump of moisturizer and apply it to my face. Do be careful to keep it out of your eyes, though!

By using the slightest amount of lavender oil on my face at night I wake up with a much more even skin tone and less redness. It is also so relaxing to go to bed smelling of lavender 🙂

2.) Iron with lavender essential oil:

My mom taught me this tip.

Add about 3-4 drops of lavender to the water in your iron and your clothes will smell lovely after ironing them! You can also do this with any other essential oils that you enjoy. 

5 uses for lavender essential oil- Life with cass

3.) Make a lavender linen spray: 

I recently wrote a post on how to create a 3 ingredient DIY linen spray. I use this spray on my bed, curtains, car, and even stinky shoes! It is so versatile. Learn how to make the linen spray here!

4.) Use lavender essential oil in an oil diffuser:

Lavender oil is so calming and will help relax you for better sleep. Put a few drops in your oil diffuser before you go to sleep to help you rest easy! 

5.) Make a lavender hair rinse:

I use a lavender hair rinse in place of conditioner. The lavender scent lingers, leaving my hair smelling lovely. Read full instructions on how to make the hair rinse here.

5 uses for lavender essential oil- Life with cass

I hope you found some of these tips helpful 🙂

Let me know how you use lavender oil, or any other essential oils! 

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