5 Tips for Indoor Plants

5 Indoor plant tips

I started my collection of indoor plants not too long ago, and I am loving them! They have been very easy to maintain and make my room feel so calm, but alive at the same time!

There are such a variety of indoor plants from succulent to houseplants. There are many that require very little maintenance! But, all do require a little bit of love, so here are some of my top tips for caring for your indoor plants!

1.) Protect your windowsill plants

My room has very old windows and in the winter the cold seems to go right through them. I keep quite a few plants in my windowsills and they definitely don’t appreciate how cold it gets in the winter. I highly suggest investing in some shrink film for your windows in winter. It’s $10 and will keep all that cold air away from your plants! Here is the shrink film I used. 

3 plants     

2.) Choose the right pot 

When looking for the right potter, be sure to find one with plenty of room for the plant’s roots. But most importantly make sure it has a hole in the bottom for drainage! Otherwise your plant’s roots will rot and be very unhappy. 

Horizontal plants

3.) Water accurately

I have a few pots with several different succulents/cacti in them. They are very small and difficult to water with a tap or cup, so I use a small medicine syringe to water them! It makes it very easy to water exactly where you need to and control how much water each plant is getting. I learned this trick from one of my favorite Youtubers Christine Kobzeff

Palm plant

4.) Water in the bathtub

For all your larger plants that require a bit more water than succulents, I suggest watering them in the bathtub. I stick all my plants in the bathtub on watering day and let them sit for about an hour after watering them. This way the water just goes right down the drain and you can rinse away the excess dirt. Easy and clean! 


5.) There is no shame in going faux 

Just not ready to be responsible for a real, living thing? I know, it’s scary. That’s why there is no shame in investing in a few faux plants! And they don’t have to be your grandma’s faux grape leaves in her kitchen. There are some beautiful faux succulents out there that look incredibly realistic. You’ll hardly be able to tell the difference have zero responsibility! 

Hopefully some of these tips were helpful to you! What are have you learned about having indoor plants? Any tips I need to know about? Let me know in the comments! 

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