3 Ingredient Chai Latte

3 Ingredient Chai Latte

There is not a whole lot more I love than a great chai latte. Lately I was looking at organic teas in the grocery store and I came across this amazing coconut chai. I was immediately sold by the pretty packaging, and to my delight it tastes great too!

Coconut chai tea

This chai tea is very good on its own, but is even better when you take it up a notch to chai latte level with some milk and sweetener. And the best news of all?? It’s vegan friendly with no refined sugars! 

So, the 3 ingredients are??

Chai tea ingredients

1.) Chai tea of your choice (here’s the one I chose)

2.) Almond milk/coconut milk (I used almond because it was what I had in the house, but I’m sure coconut would give it an even stronger coconut flavor if you enjoy that)

3.) Honey (yay for no refined sugars)

I mix 1/4 cup of my milk with 3/4 cups of water and heat it in the microwave for about 2 1/2 minutes. I then add the tea bag, and let it steep for a good 4-5 minutes. I then remove the tea bag and add the honey. How much you want to add just depends on how sweet you want your chai latte to be. 

Chai tea

And that’s it! An incredibly easy, but super flavorful drink with only 3 ingredients. Enjoy your beautiful Chai latte and stay warm and cozy! Let me know what your favorite kind of tea is!

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